Hoofmaker Powder (60 x 20g) Sachets

Hoofmaker provides all the nutrients necessary to protect and nourish every layer within the hoof horn.

60 X 20g Sachets

This sulphur enriched formula will ensure that important nutrients are supplied to the horses diet, to optimise hoof growth and improve integrity of the hoof. It contains a concentrated source of the sulphur rich amino acid Methionine and the sulphur rich nutrient MSM. Keratin sulphate the structural component of the hoof horn has a high sulphur content. It contains a very high level of Biotin 37.5mg per daily serving. Also included are Calcium, essential for cohesion in the hoof wall, Zinc which is required for healing of all epidermal tissue and other amino acids which are the building blocks of protein.

Feeding Instructions

Adult horses: Feed 20g per day.

Ponies and foals: Feed 20g every second day.

For best results it is recommended to feed Hoofmaker for 180 days. New improved hoof growth will be evident near the coronary band after just one month.

How does Hoofmaker work?


Keratin sulphate is the main structural component in the hoof horn. Keratin synthesis is dependant on several mutually inclusive factors:

Biotin – is a necessary component for the synthesis of keratin.

Protein – as keratin is a mucopolysaccharide compound.

Bioavailable-available sulphur – keratin has a high sulphur content.

Calcium – this trace element is essential for structural cohesion in the hoof horn.

Amino acids – as these nutrients are the building blocks of protein.

Moisture content – keratin sulphate has a great affinity for water. Water availability is very important for the laying down of hoof horn and the natural elasticity of the hoof horn.

Hoofmaker is a complete hoof supplement as it contains high levels of biotin, calcium, zinc, methionine, bioavailable-available sulphur and amino acids to help aid any hoof problems. The use of Hoofmaker will result in:

Improved rate of hoof growth.

Improved hoof strength and quality.

Cracks and brittleness disappear over treatment period.

Hooves develop a better shape.

Walls become thicker and tougher.

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R 1,750.00
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